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Excel G-Explorer Self Propel All Terrain Wheelchair Silver Frame 18 inch standard seat

Excel G-Explorer Self Propel All Terrain Wheelchair Silver Frame 18 inch standard seat£314.00 With VAT Relief


An Excellent All Terrain Wheelchair in an attractive silver frame.

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About Us

When you require a wheelchair you don't want some cluncky heavy thing that is equally as hard to move for someone pushing as it is for the user of the chair and that's why we exist.. To help you have a Lightweight Wheelchair


With our wide range of chair from some of the best leading manufacturers we have a selection of Lightweight Wheelchairs that will prove to be helpful.


Please take a view of the categories and chairs we have but if you need any help or guidance then please call us on 0330 383 0022 as we are only too happy to talk about our lightweight chair models and which may be best suited for you.


With a range of prices, and features there is sure to be a Lightweight Wheelchair in our webshop that will be the right one for you.

Self Propelled or Transit


We are often asked which one is best!  The simple answer is it depends on the use the chair will have , if the user of the chair wishes to move themselves at any point the Self Propelled is the type of chair to go for.

If the User will not need at any point to move themselves then the Transit Style of Lightweight Wheelchair will be the better preferred option.

But we are here to help so please call us to discuss.

Please remember that all the lightweight wheelchairs will have a VAT Inclusive and a VAT exclusive price. and during checkout you can opt for the ZERO Rate vat and pay the lower price.

FREE Delivery is also possible with all chairs over £100 just select DELIVERY £0 during checkout

We have over 15 years experience in providing Lightweight Wheelchairs and want to ensure you get the best solution for you. - Great Quality Lightweight Wheelchairs for Less