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A self-propelled wheelchair is a mobility aid designed for individuals who have difficulty walking or cannot walk independently.

8 January 2020  |  Richard
8 January 2020  |  Richard
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What is the lightest Wheelchair?

What is the lightest wheelchair? A question we are asked on a daily basis. All of our wheelchairs are lightweight as they are made from aluminum which of course is lighter than Steel. But which wheelchair should you buy >

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Amazing Story of Gran who sky dives to stop the pain of MS



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Excel G-Logic Lightweight Wheelchairs - Choice of Frame and upholstery colours - High Quality -Affordable Price

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Merry Christmas from Lightweight Wheelchairs

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Excel G-Lite Pro Wheelchairs

Excel G-Lite Wheelchair - A Best Selling Affordable Quality Wheelchair

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New All Terrain Explorer Wheelchair

Find out about the new All Terrain Explorer Wheelchair